Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eka were would I take you in Dunedin

Eka if I could take you any where in Dunedin. I would take you to the chinese gardens. The chinese gardens is a really cool place. They have a really big lake it has these really big gold fish in it. they were ment to have these special chinese fish in the lake but they could not import them from china. Around the back of the lake the have really big rocks from the Lake Taihu in China. you can climb all through the rocks but you would not climb you would fly through all of the cracks and holes in the rocks. If you got hungry I would show you were the cafe is inside the gardens as well. they have a zig zag birdge going through the middle of the lake that leads you to the middle of the lake where there is a little hut. The lake has a kind of algey in it so you can see a really good reflection you could fix you feathers up if you wanted by looking in the water. Around the edge of the gardens there is a 4m high wall there is little windows in the wall they are all different patterns but there is two that are identical would you be able to find them? So that is why if could take you anywhere in Dunedin it would have to be the chinese gardens.

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