Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eka's conference

When Eka went to the Kids Teaching Kids conference in the city he also went for a walk in Rundle Mall, the main street in Adelaide's city centre. He seems to have made friend with the famous bronze pigs!

At the conference dinner I think he drank a little too much orange cordial :-(

A new softball champion?

Eka spent a lovely weekend with Jasmine. He went with her to her softball game and I think he's taken a liking to it! I think the helmet and mitt are a little big for him, and as for the bat, I have a feeling it will be a bit heavy for him to lift! What do you think?

Eka's weekend

Eka had a busy weekend with Lachlan. He played badminton, hide & seek (hiding on Lachie's bookshelf amongst his other toys), and even tried to ride his Dad's truck! He even had pizza for tea.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Eka @ Hawthorndene Primary

Eka is spending some time in Room 13 @ Hawthorndene Primary in Adelaide.

 On Friday Eka went to Performing Arts and PE lessons with the students from Room 13. In Performing Arts he joined in with playing the drums and the xylophone. He looks as though he enjoyed himself.

In PE he worked on his ball handling skills, but I think he may need a little more practice :-)

 On the weekend he went home with Amelia. He'll be going to the Kids Teaching Kids conference in Adelaide with Amelia, Olivia, Trevy, Charlotte T and Hayley. I hope he learns a lot about the environment when he's there.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Eka is having adventures in Adelaide.

We are so happy that Eka has arrived safely.  I can't wait to see and hear more about her adventures...

Eka with Hannah

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sports Hall of Fame!

Eka when you come to Dunedin I would take you to the Sports Hall Of Fame in the Dunedin Railway Station. The Sports Hall of Fame is a really cool place in Dunedin and if you're really into sports you will love it even more. It has all the sporting history that New Zealand has made. So it has lots of famous New Zealanders for all sports. I love the Sports Hall of Fame and when I went there with Mrs K in room 4.  I had lots of fun. :)

Eating out!

If I could take Eka somewhere in Mosgiel I would take her to some food stores, first subway for a good meal. Then to Choies takeaway for some fish and chips. The I would take her to Dunedin to Burger King for a cheese burger then back home before we eat to much.

Eka at moana pool

If I could take Eka anywhere in Dunedin, I would definitely take her to Moana pool. It is one of the best pools in New Zealand, moana pool  You can find it located on the hill above the Octagon. It has a leisure poo,l a diving pool, a beginner and also a spa pool for adults.  I would rate this pool eight and a half out of ten and I would recommend it for others.

If I could take Eka....

If I take Eka somewhere in Dunedin I would take her to the tropical rainforrest at the Otago Museum because there are lots of butterflys and trees. There is a pretty waterfall. You can see some of the cocoons hatching and there are about 3 tarantulas.  There are around 1,000 species of butterflies there.   You can even have birthday partys there and you can feed the turtles. www.otagomuseum.govt.nz/discovery_world_tropical_forest.html.

Brighton Beach

If I could take Eka anywhere in Dunedin I would take her to Brighton Beach. Brighton beach is a wonderful beach that is SHARK infested. I have been there many times to watch my dad surf and I think it is a lovely place except for the SHARKS. I think that Eka will love it to. By Tayla

Eka at the Meridian shopping mall

The Meridian shopping mall is a really cool place to go if you love shopping. There are 3 levels, on the bottom level is the food court, second is the clothing and other stuff and the third one is K-mart and Stirling Sports. In the Meridian their is always lots off people and there is never a place that you carn't get something from. I like going there but just not with Mum (she looks in every shop she walks past). So next time you are in dunedin come to the fantastic Meridian shopping mall and shop till you drop.

Eka at Larnach Castle

If I was going to take Eka somewhere in Dunedin I would take her to Larnach Castle. To see all the wonderful scenery and beautiful architecture. They also heve a cafe with great food. I'm sure Eka would love flying around at Larnach Castle and if I could fly I would love it to.
By Nadia :)

Wingatui Racecourse

If I could take Eka any where in Mosgiel or Dunedin I would take her to the Wingatui Racecourse. You can find it on Gladstone Road Mosgiel. They hold functions as well as horse racing! It's great fun to go there on race day and watch the horses race especially in summer. Its a great place to have fun in the sun.

Eka were would I take you in Dunedin

Eka if I could take you any where in Dunedin. I would take you to the chinese gardens. The chinese gardens is a really cool place. They have a really big lake it has these really big gold fish in it. they were ment to have these special chinese fish in the lake but they could not import them from china. Around the back of the lake the have really big rocks from the Lake Taihu in China. you can climb all through the rocks but you would not climb you would fly through all of the cracks and holes in the rocks. If you got hungry I would show you were the cafe is inside the gardens as well. they have a zig zag birdge going through the middle of the lake that leads you to the middle of the lake where there is a little hut. The lake has a kind of algey in it so you can see a really good reflection you could fix you feathers up if you wanted by looking in the water. Around the edge of the gardens there is a 4m high wall there is little windows in the wall they are all different patterns but there is two that are identical would you be able to find them? So that is why if could take you anywhere in Dunedin it would have to be the chinese gardens.

Eka and the movies.

If I had the chance to take Eka anywhere in Dunedin I would take her to Hoyts. Hoyts is a movie theatre in the Octagon. Hoyts has a wide range of movies and comfy seats. I have been to Hoyts many times and I recommend Hoyts for all of your movie needs. Hoyts also has 3D movies and delicious popcorn.

Wall Street Mall, Dunedin

Wall Street Mall is a great place
to shop with lots of choices. It also links to the Meridian shopping mall, many
people go there to shop. If i took Eka to Dunedin I would take her shopping at Wall Street! :) I like going there to shop and im sure you would to!

The farmers market

If I had the chance to take Eka somewhere i would take her to the farmers market
to all the cool stalls with fresh food and home made baking and peple singing on the side
walk. It is truly a wonderful place to be.

by Zarah

Eka in Dunedin

If I could I would take Eka to the Dunedin Railway Station. When you come to Dunedin you have to come to the railway station because it is a part of Dunedins History. Inside it has an art gallery and a sports hall of fame. And also looks cool on the outside so you cant miss it.

Dunedin Public Art Gallery

If I was allowed to take Eka anywhere around the Dunedin area I would take her to the Dunedin art gallery. Its lots of fun to look at paintings and you get to make things such as paintings space ships and many many more. I would recommend the Dunedin public art gallery.

If I took Eka to Dunedin.......

If I had the chance to take Eka anywhere in Dunedin I would defintely choose the Portobello Aquarium
It is such a fun place to go and I am sure she would love to see the different fish and go for a virtual dive!!!! :) Maybe if she felt like learning, she could go learn a couple of things in the learning laboratory?
This is the place for you if you like long long road trips.

She and you would certainly have fun! :)

Alysha :)

I would take you to the Regent Theatre!

Eka is going to The Regent Theatre in Dunedin. If you visit Dunedin you should go to the Regent Theatre because it has recently been refurbished. It looks GREAT! There are lots of shows on at the moment that you could go and see, like... Six60, Hayley Westenra, John Rowles, The Russian Ballet and The Red Hot Chili Pipers.
By Sinead


Eka is going to Cadbury World. When you come to Dunedin(the coolest place in New Zealand) the first place you HAVE to go to is Cadbury World. Its the most awesome place to visit especially if you are like me and love chocolate. The tour goes for 75minutes and you get to go to the factory and see how they make the best tasting chocolate in the world. The best bit about Cadburys is the chocolate fall:) 1 ton of Cadbury chocolate dropping before your very eyes. What more can you want? If you are lucky you might get to have a little taste test on the way.

St Mary's School Mosgiel

Eka is from St Mary's School Mosgiel. It is a school for years 1-8. We are a Catholic School and we have a uniform. We are the coolest school in Mosgiel. We have 7 classrooms and I am in Room 7. We have lots of things to do here like sports, Public Speaking, Stars on Stage and lots more. We have the coolest teachers in Dunedin. Our Mercy Values are Justice, Compassion, Care, Respect and Service.


If I had the chance I would take Eka to the house of pain Carisbrook.I would take Eka to Carisbrook because it is a place of rugby history. The atmosphere was amazing at Carisbrook. I would take her into a corporate box to look over the field.We would go out onto the middle of the field and look out at the stands.We would get a hot dog from the food stand and an All Black flag from the merchandise stand. It would be the best time every. Eka wouldn't want to leave.

By Kyle

Eka is heading off on an adventure!

Eka is leaving St Mary's School. Eka has had an amazing year!  She has travelled with Mrs K and some of her adventures are shared here!  Eka's adventures this year.  Check out the map of Eka's New Zealand travels.   

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